Thursday, July 29, 2010

dare to wear

DARE     TO     WEAR

Just the name makes me poop my pants
this collection is just eyeshadow and lipgloss, but they are amazing shades.
i was really dissapointed with their summer 2010 collection "mac to the beach" it was just ugly corals, pinks, and an occasional bodily-fluid-color eye shadow thrown in. 
yeah i rawk at describing stuff

So anyways, the first thing about this collection.
eye to the shadow

BAM DAM WHAM. look at those stunna shades. and im not talking about sunglasses.
it goes from gorgeous pastels (very "in" this summer) to primary, bold, in yo face, bright ass colors. here are my faves

a gorgeous, minty color. perfect for brown eyes

perfect light lavender, again, ideal for brown eyes

(DISCLAIMER: just cause i say "good for brown eyes" doesnt mean you are forbodden to wear it if you dont have brown eyes.

i went gwen stafani in this bitch when i saw this color
idk what that meant
but i mean, that is so original, so great. 
these are the colors you create art with. 
not 9,000 different shades of brown.

same story here
in any painters paint collection, you would deff see this kelly green type color
but for some reason, for makeup, its barely in anyones.
just because your arts on your face, doesnt mean you have to tone it down.
dont let anything hold you back.
now for the lipgloss...

my jaw dropped when i saw this.
finally. no more stupid corally simmery pink blah blah blah boring
hot pink. orange. purple. red.
thats what im talking about

this is my absolute favorite. just look at it
the name is adorable,
the color is...

this is the red in the collection
its bright, with an orange tinge.
the name, once again, is spiffy.
you would feel pretty damn bold and brash wearing this.

a nice classic hot pink
slight shimmer, adorable name.
this would be an essential in any collection.

well thats it so...
get outta my house.
theres the link to the full collection
now seriously... leave.