Friday, August 13, 2010

Dead Girl Walking.

Sorry I'm not a super avid blogger and I don't post as much as I should. I apologize.
So anyways, let me tell you a story.
So, me and my friends Elise and Alyssa get home from a party. No one is home, and there is one car in the drive way (we have 3) so we yell names and look around, we find no one. I bring out a big kitchen knife, and we walk around the house bursting into every rooms saying either "WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINK THIS IS?" or "GET THE FUCK OUT MY HOUSE" or something ghetto fabulous like that. and so we finally get to the "attic" which is just a 3rd floor bedroom and i open it, screamed like the usual, closed the door. i open it again, i see a lump in the bed. so i say, "mom?" she replies, "yes?" in a sleepily voice, muffled by sheets. i say "oh hi." slam the door and we run all the way downstairs to the kitchen. We laugh about it for a few minutes. then somehow we get the idea to pretend Alyssa killed me by covering the knife, my stomach, and the floor with catsup. poor floor, didn't know what hit 'em. It was funny, laughs were had, pictures were taken. It was friday the 13th, and all and all, it was a good night.

My Best Friend.
Eerie, Creepy, I love it.
Finally, someone killed that bitch.

I know, this is like my personal life so you're probably like "COOL ALLIE I DON'T CARE."
but i just hope one person might get some giggles from this fun night.
anyone? anyone at all? nope, okay.

Regret Nothing.

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